What causes a bad scan?

The following conditions tend to result in a bad scan:

  • Glossy, shiny, reflective, or transparent surfaces (e.g., metal, glass, mirrored surfaces)
    • Watch out for any nearby surfaces with these properties reflecting light onto your scene. (e.g., sometimes even a shiny table can bounce light. You would want to cover the table with a fabric cloth.)
  • Projecting through glass.
  • Being too close or far away.
  • Surfaces that are too dark or too black (Solution: Bring the surface closer to the projector +Lightform device, try a lighter surface, or try a brighter projector).
  • Environment is too bright, too dim, or has too much direct sunlight (Solution: Move to a darker or shaded environment if too bright. Adjust brightness in Scan Properties for dark environments).
  • Occlusions: scenes that have many parts that can only be seen by the camera OR the projector, but not both (Solution: These occluded parts of a scene will attempt to be filled in by the hole filling. Try adjusting the "Fill" slider to find the right amount of hole filling).
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