Can I connect my Lightform device on a public Wi-Fi network? Like my work's guest network or at a cafe?


Yes, except in the case of it being a captive portal network -- i.e. a network that asks you to sign in on a web page before you connect. Lightform devices do not work with captive portal networks. To connect to your Lightform, you must use a supported network type.

  • Captive portal networks are networks like you find at airports, hotels, coffee shops, or corporate/university networks that use 802.11x. e.g. xfinitywifi, googlewifi. On these networks, you are asked to sign in on a web page, before you can connect.

If the network does not require you to sign in on a web page, you should be able to follow the same pairing instructions as long as it is a supported network. If you have trouble, please complete the following step-by-step pairing wizard: This will provide our team with information specific to your networking setup needed to troubleshoot the issue.




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