How do I remotely access Lightform devices?


You can use the Lightform Cloud Labs feature to enable a remote workflow by accessing Lightform devices in other locations, not connected to your local network.


You do this by registering the device to your Lightform account. As long as you are signed in to that account in Lightform Creator and your device is online in another location, you can access it remotely. 


If you'd like to give someone else access to remotely accessing your device, you would need to deregister the device from your Lightform account and have them create a new account to register your device. To do this, they will need the devices name and serial number from the black label on the device. They could then remotely access the device when they are logged into Lightform Creator with their Lightform account credentials. 


*** Please note-- We do not recommend using Lightform Labs features for installations or productions where dependability is required. These features are experimental and unsupported but we welcome bug reports and feedback, to continue improving Lightform Creator.





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