Can I use the software before my device arrives?

We recommend waiting until you have your device to download and explore Lightform Creator. If you are eager to poke around, you can download the Lightform Creator software to get a sense of the UI and try some of the editing tools (the pen tool, ellipse, rectangle). However, until you have a Lightform device to do a scan, you will not be able to use the scan's image and depth data to apply masks using our intelligent editing tools (magic wand or quick select). 

To explore the interface without a unit, click "New Project" and then after it prompts you to connect to a device, click "Cancel". This will leave you on the design page where you can test creating some surfaces using the pen tool, ellipse, or rectangle tools as well as uploading images or videos.


Don't want to wait to practice with your first scan? Download this sample project to get a sense of how it all works. 


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