Should my projector be placed a certain way or at a certain angle?

Where possible, it is important to avoid extreme or oblique projection angles for three reasons.

  1. Pixels will become very "stretched" out, making your content look less than optimal. Some projectors with very low depth of field will result in stretched pixels that are out of focus.
  2. Light may bounce off the oblique surface to other areas of your scene, which can negatively affect the Lightform device's scan. The resulting scan may have holes or incorrect pixel values.
  3. Brightness falloff may occur, where pixels near the projector are small and very bright, while pixels far away are larger and much dimmer. The Lightform device is able to compensate for uneven scene brightness (HDR) and the difference in pixel size, but if the projector brightness falloff is too extreme, it can confuse the Lightform device's scan.



Avoid extreme projection angles where possible.

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