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Pairing Options



  • Brave Williams

    You mentioned above "Connect your computer to the same network (you do not need to plug the ethernet cable into your computer)".

    I was not able to get the wifi and the LFC to pair by only hardwiring the LFC.  I had to hardwire both as our office has many networks and I could not get them matched up.  

    I'd suggest adjusting the wording to a hard wire connection to both devices if nothing else works.




  • Kevin

    Hi Brave- Great point! We just reworded the article to make it clear that Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the same network should work, but Ethernet is preferable for stability and ensuring you can see your device.

  • Kym LaRoux

    Sharing Step #7 for Windows:

    Now attach an Ethernet cable from your LF2 to your PC. Within about 30 seconds the device should make the connection, and the LED should show blue to indicate this. You will now be able to use your LF2 within Lightform Creator.


    There's no other mention of an LED on this page. What LED does this refer to?

  • Kevin

    Thanks for pointing this out -- this was an error in the document. Only the LF1 has an LED, the LFC and LF2 utilize the projector (testcard) to show statuses instead. We've corrected the article, sorry for the confusion!


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