Pairing Options

Your Lightform device needs to be connected to the same network as your computer before it can operate. Our preferred and recommended choices are Ethernet and Wi-Fi pairing, with Ethernet being our most robust option.

  1. Wi-Fi (most convenient)
  2. Ethernet (most reliable)
  3. Mobile Hotspot
  4. Lightform device's Wi-Fi (when there is no internet access)
  5. Share the internet connection from your computer (must have internet access over Wi-Fi from your computer)

Refer to the test card for information about your Lightform device's connectivity status.

Option 1: Wi-Fi

Pairing your Lightform device to a supported Wi-Fi network is the most convenient option as it does not require additional setup materials. Follow the instructions for the Wi-Fi pairing workflow or troubleshoot your pairing issues using our step-by-step pairing guide.


Option 2: Ethernet

Connecting the Lightform device directly to your router makes the connection both reliable and fast. Thus, this option is the best for permanent installations. The wired network must be connected to a router, using a switch without a router is not supported directly.


To connect your Lightform device to a router using an ethernet cable:

  1. Locate your router
  2. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the Lightform device and the other into the router. If you have a switch connected to your router, you can plug one end into the Lightform device and one end into the switch.
  3. Power on your Lightform device
  4. Connect your computer to the same network as your router, through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection directly to your computer.
  5. Open Lightform Creator
  6. Click "New Project" and locate your device on the 'Select a Lightform Device' page.

Option 3: Mobile Hotspot

This option works well when you are on-the-go, when you need to set up a new connection often, or when you are in a new environment with unknown networking conditions.


Please Note
When pairing to a mobile hotspot on iPhone/iOS, you must open the "Personal Hotspot" page before you turn on your Lighform device. It must stay open/awake until you have finished pairing your Lightform device to the hotspot network. Do not let the phone go to sleep or leave the page, as this will disrupt the network.

To use a data connection from a cellphone (Wi-Fi or cellular):

  1. Create a hotspot on your phone. See how: AppleAndroidWindows
  2. (Android and Windows phones may vary)
  3. Power on your Lightform device
  4. Follow the Wi-Fi Pairing process to pair to the mobile hotspot network.

Option 4: Lightform device's Wi-Fi

If you have no internet connection, you can use the device in pairing mode to connect directly to the Lightform device's network.


Please Note
You cannot update software, firmware, or access the internet with this method.

To connect to your Lightform device via pairing mode:

  1. Turn on your Lightform device.
  2. Put your Lightform device in Pairing Mode.
  3. Change your computer's Wi-Fi network to the Lightform device's Wi-Fi (e.g., 'Lightform Dazzling Faerie')

You'll be able to scan, stream, and publish content to the Lightform device without an internet connection!

Here is a quick and dirty video of how to switch from being paired to your device via a wi-fi/ethernet connection to direct pairing mode and back:


Option 5: Share Internet Connection From Your Computer

This option gives your computer direct ethernet access to the Lightform device for the fastest experience. It also provides the Lightform device internet access in situations where a captive portal guards your internet, such as the login screen at a hotel or coffee shop.


To directly connect to the Lightform device's ethernet port from your computer, you must have:

  • Internet access over Wi-Fi from your computer
  • An ethernet cable and ethernet adapter


To enable internet connection sharing in windows, follow the instructions below.

  1. Turn on your Lightform device.
  2. Make sure to connect your laptop/computer to the internet (either through Wi-Fi/mobile hotspot or through a secondary Ethernet port)
  3. Attach an Ethernet cable from your Lightform device to your PC.
  4. On your computer, in the bottom right-hand tray, right-click the network icon (either a Wi-Fi signal icon or Ethernet/PC icon, depending on which you connect to)
  5. Select "Open Network & Internet settings."
  6. From the window that opens, select "Change adapter options."
  7. Determine the adapter that is providing Internet for you (either Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  8. Right-click the correct adapter and select "Properties."
  9. Click the "Sharing" tab.
  10. Check the first checkbox ("Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection"); this is how the Lightform device will connect.
  11. Press OK to save these settings.
  12. Within about 30 seconds, the device should make the connection, and show up as Online in Lightform Creator.
  13. Open Lightform Creator
  14. Click "New Project" and locate your device.
  15. If you still do not see it, try unplugging and re-plugging in the Ethernet cable going from your computer to your LFC.

To undo network sharing:
Repeat the same steps as above, except that you should ensure the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" checkbox is *unchecked*


To enable internet connection sharing on a Mac, follow the instructions below.

    1. Open System Preferences and select Network
    2. Identify the network interface with the direct ethernet connection to the Lightform device (we are using Linksys USB adapter in this example.)
    3. Return to the System Preferences screen and select Sharing
    4. Select Internet Sharing from the service list, but do not turn it on. Do this by only clicking on the Internet Sharing text (and not selecting the checkbox)
    5. Select Wi-Fi from the Share your connection from the dropdown
    6. Select the network interface connected to the Lightform device in the list of available network interfaces under To computers using: (e.g., 'Linksys USB')
    7. Click the checkbox next to Internet Sharing.
    8. A pop-up will appear, making sure that you want to share your internet connection. Select Start
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    Brave Williams

    You mentioned above "Connect your computer to the same network (you do not need to plug the ethernet cable into your computer)".

    I was not able to get the wifi and the LFC to pair by only hardwiring the LFC.  I had to hardwire both as our office has many networks and I could not get them matched up.  

    I'd suggest adjusting the wording to a hard wire connection to both devices if nothing else works.




  • Comment actions Permalink

    Hi Brave- Great point! We just reworded the article to make it clear that Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the same network should work, but Ethernet is preferable for stability and ensuring you can see your device.

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Kym LaRoux

    Sharing Step #7 for Windows:

    Now attach an Ethernet cable from your LF2 to your PC. Within about 30 seconds the device should make the connection, and the LED should show blue to indicate this. You will now be able to use your LF2 within Lightform Creator.


    There's no other mention of an LED on this page. What LED does this refer to?

  • Comment actions Permalink

    Thanks for pointing this out -- this was an error in the document. Only the LF1 has an LED, the LFC and LF2 utilize the projector (testcard) to show statuses instead. We've corrected the article, sorry for the confusion!