Alexa Voice Control with IFTTT

labs-icon.pngLightform Labs Feature

You can control your Lightform device with other IoT devices.

In this tutorial, we'll be using Lightform IFTTT service to connect your Voice Assistant to your device and control playback and trigger effects in real-time.


Minimum requirements to use Lightform as defined here
IoT device with an IFTTT service - e.g Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant 
IFTTT Account - to send commands to your Lightform Device using your voice

Please Note
Your device must be registered under your account on

Step 1Add relevant IFTTT services

Log in to your IFTTT account and add the services for:

  1. your voice-controlled device i.e Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  2. your Lightform Device


Step 2 Create the IFTTT Trigger

In the example below, we will trigger a Lightform command whenever we say "Google Next Effect" 

        1.  Under your profile picture in IFTTT, select the Create option


        2. Click on +This and search for Google Assistant (or Amazon Alexa)


        3. Choose a trigger e.g "Say a Simple Phrase" Screen_Shot_2019-08-14_at_8.51.42_AM.png
        4. Type in your trigger phrase e.g "Next Effect", all the other fields are optional.Screen_Shot_2019-08-14_at_8.52.45_AM.png
        5. Click on "That" to choose your action service and search/select Lightform service  IFTTT_Lightform_Action.png
        6. Choose an action to send to Lightform e.g "Go to next slide" 

        7. Type In your Device Serial Number, for IFTTT to connect to your deviceLF_LightformSN.png


This tutorial just scratches the surface of how you can control your Lightform device with your IOT device using IFTTT as a communication layer. We'll be adding more examples of this (e.g., change scene depending on the weather...). If you have feedback or suggestions, please feel free to suggest them in the comments!


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    Alexander Naumer

    Thanks for this tutorial! It was very helpful!

    Somehow the I didn't get the "/slide(number)" command to work. All the other OSC Commands work perfectly. Also the predefined "/slide1/color red" is just recognized as a comment but nothing happens afterwards.

    Any suggestions on that maybe?

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    Thanks! I am glad to hear our tutorial helped you! For the /slide command you need to pass the parameter as a float number (first slide being 0.0) 

    /slide f 0.0 will trigger the first slide
    /slide f 1.0 the second slide
    /slide f 2.0 the third slide