Troubleshooting macOS

1. You are unable to run Lightform Creator after installing it on your system.

Problem: You are unable to run Lightform Creator. 

Solution: The minimum macOS version supported by Lightform Creator is 10.13, so you should be running on macOS 10.13 at a minimum.

If you are using NVidia hardware, please avoid upgrading to 10.14 since Apple has discontinued support for NVidia hardware on 10.14. If you’re using an NVidia GPU, updating from macOS 10.13 to 10.14 will likely result in degraded graphics performance. There is some information on NVidia’s forum

2. You are using an external GPU and Lightform Creator starts with an error. 

Problem: You are using an external GPU and Lightform Creator starts up with an error page, and almost everything else in the application is gone or disabled.

Solution: On macOS 10.13 and up, you must enable the “Prefer External GPU” option for the Lightform Creator app. This is an operating-system-level setting for the app. 

  • If you are still encountering issues with Lightform Creator after enabling this option, you can still submit a bug report through the "Help" menu in Lightform Creator.

3. Lightform Creator's layout is too small or too large.

Problem: The text and other layout elements within Lightform Creator are too large or too small.

Solution: You need to adjust the scaling:

  • If all of your applications (not just Lightform Creator) have a layout that you find to be too small or too large, you should adjust the macOS scaling settings to find a more comfortable sizing. Good information on this can be found at
  • Alternatively, if Lightform Creator is the only application with a layout that appears to be too small or too large, you can use the in-app settings to adjust the sizing. Navigate to the application preferences dialog in the Lightform > Preferences… menu. On the "User Interface" tab you can adjust the "User Interface Sizing" setting to your liking.



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