Transporting Your Equipment

To ensure safe transport of your LF1 and projector we tested several custom casing solutions.

While we can’t guarantee protection from all forms of damage one may encounter transporting equipment, we’ve found a few cases that minimize risk of shock and water damage. This article covers a few options we recommend.


Note that whenever a projector is mentioned we are talking about the Epson 1060 projector, as comes standard with the LF1 kits. We tested the following five casing solutions, from smallest to largest:

Case What it Fits Price ($)
Seahorse 230 Medium Tactical Case LF1 gear only $25.50
Pelican 1200 Case LF1 gear only $54.95 
Seahorse SE630 Case Epson 1060 gear only $115.88 
28.5 Liter Pure Outdoor Weatherproof Case LF1 + Epson 1060 gear $87.50 
Seahorse 920 Wheeled Case LF1 + Epson 1060 gear $112.32 

Each comes with foam strips that can be torn away to create compartments for equipment storage. We took pictures of compartment layouts that work well, but the foam is completely customizable so you may modify it to suit your needs.

Seahorse 230

The smallest of the options we tried, this Seahorse case will fit all your LF1 gear, but barely. The case is too small for the original adapter, cable, and mounting boxes, so the contents of those need to be removed and inserted into their own respective cavities.

Pelican 1200

This is a tight, compact solution for secure LF1 transport. The power plug adapter can be stuck into the foam to save space and time, as shown in the previous description.

Seahorse SE630

This case is good for your projector, power cord, and remote. Sturdy and weather proof, it will fit in most airplane overhead bins.

28.5 L Pure Outdoor

By carefully stripping parts of the foam layers, you can create compartments for the LF1, projector, and associated cables/adapters. It is definitely a tight fit when the lid is closed on the projector, but it is rugged and will likely also fit in an overhead bin.

Seahorse 920

Comfortably encapsulating projector and LF1 gear, the biggest of our recommended custom travel solutions comes with wheels and an extendable handle. We recommend inserting some foam into cavities formed for adapter, cable, and mounting boxes so the boxes remain flush with the foam surface when inserted in their respective holes. Not likely to be accepted as a carry on.

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