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Common Scan Issues



  • Molly Toberer

    Please expand on scanning technical difficulties. I cant get any good scans only giant uneven holes.

  • Agent

    Hi Molly, 

    We're sorry for the trouble you've been experiencing with scanning. The first thing I'd check is to make sure you can see the test card pattern displayed over your scene very visibly before taking your scan. If the ambient light in the room is too bright and you can't see the test pattern clearly, this might be an issue.

    So we can assess the issue and provide more detailed recommendations, would you mind sending us a recent project with bad scans that you've saved? To do so, please go to File->Archive Project, create a new directory in a common location to save the project to and then zip up the saved archive directory and send it to us at



  • Rick Robinson

    I have the LFC and projector covering my entire house with a few feet extra on each side to the left and right. I have tried scans at several times of the evening which included complete darkness to around dusk.

    All of the scans are about the same, there are large holes on the left and right-hand side. I would say about 85% of the house is perfect but the outside edges are not.

    Any suggestions on how to have a good scan cover the entire house? If not, is it possible to combine scans to make one good one?



  • Anum

    Hi Rick Robinson, have you tried using the Camera Mask feature in the scan dialog? It gives you the option to define a region to scan by drawing a rectangle around it and can prevent holes from appearing in scans. Give it a try and if you're still having issues please reach out to us at


  • jason thompson

    Hey Molly Toberer. Did you ever figure out what your issue was? I'm right there with you. Projector meets all the specifications but scanner gets massive blank patches and holes. None of the common scanning issues seems to apply here


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