Recommended Kit Projector (Epson 1060) Settings

Here are some of our recommended settings for the Kit Projector.

We have found that certain settings work best with the Epson 1060 for projected AR installations. You may need to change settings that do not optimize the scan or make the scanning process more difficult, and adjust other settings based on the amount of light in your room. You can find the complete user guide for the Epson 1060 Home Cinema Projector here.



Some of these settings will only be available when you have a signal input into the projector, so turn on your LF1, and set the projector to the correct input.

Recommended Settings

For each of the following cases, we recommend these settings:


A Dark or Regular Room

A Bright Room

Keystone: Quick corner Color Mode: Cinema Color Mode: Dynamic
Auto Iris: Off Eco Mode: On Eco Mode: Off

Color Mode

The projectors default settings are the brightest, but they also have a very visible projector black rectangle, and the projector fans are very noisy. Cinema mode has the most accurate color reproduction, and the best black level.

To find the Color Mode menu, go to Menu → Image → Color Mode


Our recommendations

Dynamic: Best for bright rooms

Cinema: Best for dark & medium bright rooms

Brightness & Contrast

We recommend not editing these settings, as they don't affect the lamp brightness, they will just distort the colors of your content.


Keystone settings warp the image on the projector to align to a screen. The LF1 does the keystone correction itself, so these settings need to be disabled to ensure you aren't wasting pixels or confusing the LF1.


On the Epson 1060, there is a physical slider that sets horizontal keystone and buttons for vertical keystone correction. These can get accidentally hit, and will decrease the quality of the image.


To disable keystone, go to Menu → Settings → Keystone → Quick Corner. Then press Esc.


Auto Iris

Auto Iris dynamically changes the overall brightness of the projector based on the image being displayed. Unfortunately, it makes scanning more difficult and can be noisy, so we recommend turning it off.

To disable Auto Iris, go to Menu → Image → Auto Iris → Off

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