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  • said baadj

    hi it ray to do it all what you say but can't get the sound I download a free version of vezer perhaps 

    this is  the problem 

  • Ian Dodge

    Can't get this to work.  Followed all steps as instructed.  But the Lightform LFC is not visible in the Vezer dropdown menu.  All devices are connected to the same Wifi.  Tried with both the Vezer demo and Vezer full version software.

  • Mike Wood


    Hi Ian, 

    I had the same problem that it did not show up in the drop down. I then went to the preference of Vezer, click on OSC, and add the IP address manually. Also make sure you publish to your Lightform from Lightform creator. Once you publish, set up IP from Vezer, set up all the OSC Slide mappings, press the play button in Vezer. Enjoy!!!!

  • Adam McIntyre

    Has anyone had any luck yet with Ableton?  I'm an avid Ableton Live user and would love to see if anyone has used it to send OSC messages to LFC.


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