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A collection of the most important articles you will want to review before you get started with your new Lightform device.

Thanks for choosing Lightform!

We believe the future of augmented reality is outside of the headset and in projected AR, where you can seamlessly blend digital and physical reality to create new immersive experiences. Get ready for a new kind of AR. 


Quick Start Articles

Step 1 Download Lightform Creator

Content Creation for Lightform is powered by our desktop application, Lightform Creator. Check your computer minimum requirements and download Lightform Creator for Mac or PC.

Step 2 Setup your Lightform Device

After unboxing your device you will want to set it up on the projector of your choice

If you have the LF1 Kit, you will want to assemble your kit first

Step 3 Network Setup

Lightform devices are designed to be controlled over your local network. Pair it your WiFi network or see all of the networking options here

Step 4 Firmware Update

To begin using your device, you will need to update the embedded firmware to unlock the latest features.

Ready to Create!

Congrats! Your Lightform device is now ready to use. You can begin by taking a Scan and then create epic content in Lightform Creator

We can't wait to see what you make and don't forget to tag your projects with #MadeWithLightform so we can keep up and re-share your work. 


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