Setup the LF1

We designed the LF1 to be easily mounted to almost any projector.


After unboxing your LF1, you are ready to set it up to work with your projector. In this article we go over the initial mounting and setup of the LF1 on your projector.


If your projector is not available you can skip this article and continue to networking setup.

The LF1 works with most projectors and auto-calibrates to it during the scan process. Check the full projector compatibility requirements here. The most important thing to remember is to make sure both the Lightform and projector are powered on and connected to each other via HDMI before you can begin any project. 

Setup Steps

  1. Power on Projector
  2. Mount LF1 to projector
  3. Power on LF1
  4. Connect the LF1 to projector

1Power on Projector

Before mounting the LF1 to your projector, make sure that the projector is functioning. Power on your projector and check that the lamp is on. When working with Lightform, always check that your projector is on — you will not be able to take a scan if the projector is off. You may shut off your projector when mounting the LF1, but it must be turned on to take a scan and to project content.


2Mounting the LF1

Before taking a Scan, you will want to mount the LF1 securely to your projector so it does not move during or after the Scan. We recommend doing this with the adhesive mount provided, or alternatively with the universal mounting system (additional hardware required).

When you first unbox the LF1, do not immediately apply the adhesive mount to your projector. The adhesive mount is intended for a single application — please proceed with caution.

The LF1 comes fully assembled to a hinge mount with an adhesive base (the two combined being the Adhesive Mount), ready for placement and mounting on the projector. There is an extra adhesive base, an alternative universal mounting bracket, and additional mounting tools found in the box labeled Mounting.



  1. The adhesive mount is very difficult to remove. We do not recommend using the adhesive mount if you are renting or borrowing a projector, please follow this article instead.
  2. When setting up the LF1 and your projector, make sure there is proper ventilation in your setup to prevent the LF1 from overheating.

Lightform mounting brackets are compatible with most common action camera (i.e. GoPro) mounting accessories. Always take proper safety precautions when mounting anything in a hanging or overhead location.

Step 1 LF1 Placement

To determine where the LF1 should be mounted on the projector:

  1. Temporarily place the LF1 on the projector
  2. Center the lenses of the Lightform device and the projector vertically
  3. Place the Lightform just behind the projector lens


  1. Be sure to avoid covering any of your projector buttons and make sure to leave enough room to adjust the focus on your projector lens.
  2. This is intended for a single application, ensure the placement is correct.

Step 2 LF1 Projector Attachment

To install the adhesive mount on the projector, after determining the preferred placement:

  1. Remove the adhesive sticker from the adhesive base
  2. Place the LF1 in the predetermined position on the projector
  3. Press firmly on the hinge mount — on both the front and rear ends
  4. Hold in place for at least one minute

Step 3 LF1 Adjustment

You can fine-tune the placement of the LF1 after the adhesive on the mount is applied to the projector.

To rotate the LF1 left and right, or to remove the LF1 from the projector:

  1. Press down on the bracket insert
  2. Twist left or right

To move the LF1 up and down:

  1. Loosen/tighten the thumb screw
  2. Tilt the LF1 up or down

(Optional) Roll Adjustment

If you are using a curved projector and want to level your LF1, use the roll adjustment of the rear right screw. Roll adjustment helps align the camera image in rare or more advanced cases.


3Power on LF1

Connect the LF1 power adapter to a power outlet and the LF1. Check that the LF1 LED has turned on. Read more about LED messages.


4Connect the LF1

Connect the LF1 HDMI cable from the LF1 to the projector. Check that projector is on the correct HDMI input. The LF1 will now control the projector for scanning and content playback.



Remove the protective plastic film from the front window of the LF1 before scanning.


Your LF1 hardware is now setup! The next step is to connect it to your network.

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