Assemble the LF1 Kit

The LF1 Kit gives you everything you need to design your projected AR experience in minutes.


Check out our recommended settings for the Kit Projector here.

LF1 Kit Contents


The kit includes the following:

Epson 1060 Home Cinema Projector
Mounting Plate for the Projector
Power Cable (with international adapters)
IR Cable
Extension Cord


Setup Steps

  1. Attach the mounting plate to the projector
  2. Setup and adjust tripod
  3. Mount the projector to the tripod
  4. Plug the power cord into the projector
  5. Press the power button on the projector or on the remote control 
  6. Check that the front lens dust cover is open

Step 1 Attaching the Mounting Plate to the Projector

The LF1 Kit comes with a mounting plate that we've designed for the Epson 1060 projector to give you a wide range of flexible mounting options.  

To attach the mounting plate to the projector:

  1. Take the mounting plate out of its packaging
  2. Locate the smaller bag with 3 hex drive m4 screws and a 2.5mm hex key
  3. Place the projector upside down on a stable surface
  4. Find the 3 mounting holes with threaded brass inserts on the bottom of the projector
  5. Find the 3 matching holes labelled "projector" on the mounting plate
  6. Line up the holes on the mounting plate with the holes on the projector with the white labeled side of the the mounting plate face up
  7. Put the long end of the hex key into one of the m4 screws
  8. Insert the screw through the mounting plate
  9. Gently turn clockwise to thread the screw into the projector's mounting holes
  10. Repeat this for the remaining 2 screws, and be careful not to overtighten
  11. Insert the short end of the hex key into each screw and give them another quarter turn clockwise until all three screws are relatively snug

Step 2 Tripod Setup and Adjustment

The Lightform tripod that came with your LF1 kit has all the common features you'll find on any basic camera tripod.

To set up the tripod:

  1. Release the leg locks
  2. Pull the legs out until they reach their maximum extension
  3. Re-engage the leg locks
  4. Grab two of the legs and pull them apart until the spreaders are parallel with the floor
  5. Twist the locking collar at the bottom of the center column to lock the spreaders in this position

Adjusting the Tripod

If you want to adjust the height of the tripod, adjust the length of the tripod legs while keeping the tripod level. If the tripod legs are fully extended and the projector position is still too low, loosen the thumbscrew near the top of the center column and turn the crank near the head of the tripod. This will raise the center column. Tighten the thumbscrew again when you are finished turning the crank. Keep in mind, this will make the tripod less stable. It is best to make all of these changes without any electronics attached to the tripod.

Step 3 Mounting the Projector to the Tripod

To mount the projector to the tripod:

  1. Locate the baseplate on the tripod
  2. Push the locking lever in the direction labeled "free" until it clicks and the lever stays in the forward position
  3. Remove the baseplate
  4. Seat the locking pin into the slotted hole on the mounting plate. This will prevent unwanted rotation.
  5. Line up the 1/4-20 screw on the baseplate with the corresponding hole labelled “tripod on the mounting plate
  6. Turn the thumbscrew on the baseplate clockwise until it's tight
  7. Check that all of the tripod joints are locked so that they don't move while you're mounting the projector
  8. Make sure that the locking lever is still locked in the free position, pointing forward in the opposite direction of the tilt arm
  9. Insert the baseplate into the tripod head from the side with the locking lever on it, making sure that projector lens and the tripod’s tilt arm are pointing in the opposite direction
  10. Slide the quick release plate into the tripod head from the side until it sinks down and you hear a click as the locking lever returns to the locked position
  11. Make sure that the locking lever is tight

IR Cable Instructions

Instructions for how to install and use the IR cable included with the LF1 kit will be coming soon. Hang onto the cable for now. It will come in handy in the future for remotely controlling your projector.



Upgrade at any time

Remember that your LF1 is designed to work with almost any projector in case you ever need to upgrade from the Epson 1060 projector for an event or installation. See projector compatibility

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