Release Notes

A log of all of the changes and improvements to Lightform Creator and the LF1 Firmware


Released June 27, 2019


  • The "Recent Files" submenu now allows you to select the project you are currently editing, which will reload it if it has been modified. Previously, no action was taken regardless of whether the project had been modified.
  • Modified the scan image download process to download more images. Having all the images available can help to diagnose real-world scene setup issues.
  • Fixed a shutdown issue that would sometimes occur when closing the application with an open project.
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to scan image processing that would occasionally cause the application to crash.


Released June 21, 2019


  • Added "Gradient" and "Scan" built-in effects.
  • Added hue-saturation-value controls to each effect.
  • Added an error page that is displayed if errors are detected when Lightform Creator is starting up. These types of errors are rare, but can occur if people are using an older laptop or desktop, often with a version of OpenGL that doesn't support a critical feature needed by our application. If such errors are encountered, they are listed in the user interface, and most of the application options are disabled. A bug report can still be submitted, and the application can still be closed normally by the user.
  • Added application preferences dialog. On Windows, this is available through the "Edit" menu, under the "Preferences..." menu item. On macOS, this is under the "Lightform" menu, under the "Preferences..." menu item. This dialog contains the following settings:
    • Artboard tab
      • "Playback renderer target frame rate -" Indicates how often (in frames-per-second) the artboard's playback rendering occurs. Lowering this number can reduce the load placed on the GPU, which can be helpful on slow computers. This setting has no effect on published content.
      • "Load and Decompress Imported Video Files From Memory" - This indicates which video files should be loaded and decompressed from memory (instead of being decompressed from the file system). This can improve video playback performance, while increasing memory usage. This should only be used if the computer has a lot of spare memory. Changing this setting only affects newly loaded video assets.
      • "Video Frame Memory Cache Size" - The amount of memory used to use to store decoded video frames for real-time playback. Using a lower value will result in lower quality video during real-time playback. This setting has no effect on published content.
      • "Video Frame Maximum Frame Skip" - The amount of frame skipping allowed when decoding video frames during real-time video playback. Normally this setting doesn't need to be changed, but it could be of help when using Lightform Creator on a slow computer. This setting has no effect on published content.
    • User Interface tab
      • "User Interface Sizing" - Indicates the preferred user interface sizing. Indicates how large the user interface controls should be. Choose smaller, normal, or larger sizing based on whatever looks best.
    • Support tab
      • Various directories the application uses. These are for viewing only, and cannot be changed. These directories were previously accessible in the "Labs" menu (but are now removed from that menu).

Labs Features

  • Removed the "Labs" status from the following settings, making them always visible: Layer: Opacity, Blend Mode
  • Removed the "Labs" status from the following settings, making them always visible:
    • Layer: Opacity, Blend Mode
    • Surface: X, Y, Width, Height
    • Mask: Feathering, Offset


  • Fixed an issue with the search box in the effect and media browser sometimes causing the application to crash.
  • When switch away from the design page (to the control page), the active tool is cancelled. When returning to the design page, the active tool is set to the "Edit" tool.
  • Firmware versions are now always displayed as 4 parts (for example: Previously the fourth part would be hidden if it were "255", creating confusion when comparing to a version number that only contained three parts.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Enable Labs" menu item being checked if the "Enable Labs" dialog was cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue with some combo boxes causing an application crash after using the application for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed a couple of rare issues when closing a project that would cause application instability.
  • Fixed issue with application crashing when performing a scan at a resolution different from a previous scan. This may also resolve an issue with a couple of users not being able to perform a scan at all.
  • Fixed issue with the cancellation of scan image processing. This could occur when performing another scan very quickly after a project has loaded or after a previous scan has previously completed.
  • The installer for the Windows version of Lightform Creator now includes Visual C++ 2017 runtime drivers. Previously, these had to be manually installed if they weren't already installed.


Released May 2, 2019


  • After successfully importing one or more assets into the media browser, the list auto-scrolls to display the last added asset.


  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused slowdown or crashes on some GPU hardware.
  • Fixed an issue with scan image processing using slightly incorrect image dimensions. This would result in application instability.



Released April 29, 2019


  • Control points are now only visible for a point in the "Edit" tool if their parent or adjacent vertex is selected. Previously all control points were visible at all times.
  • Double-clicking a point while the pen tool is active now resets the control point.
  • Modified the Pen tool, so that when creating a surface you can press the "Enter" or "Return" key to automatically close a surface and complete its creation.
  • Restyled playback buttons to make the current state of playback more obvious.
  • Moved the drag & drop area from the bottom to the top of the Media Browser. This makes it easier to find and use.
  • Increased keyboard shortcut's brush "increment size" to 10 pixels. Previously it incremented by 1 pixel, which was too slow.
  • Increased brush size maximum to 300 pixels.
  • Improved the dragging of layers so that dragging below the last layer in the layers panel displays more visual feedback.
  • Moved x/y/width/height controls in the properties panel for a surface and content element, so that they are in a more intuitive location.
  • Modified the surface and content elements' "left/top" coordinates to be "x/y" in the properties panel.
  • Added the "Move" tool to the the canvas right-click menu.
  • Modified Welcome page to display the main menu on Windows. This allows the "Recent Files" submenu to be accessible.
  • The updater log file is now included when submitting a bug report, making it easier to diagnose issues.

Labs Features

  • Fixed various undo-related issues with surface and content element effects.
  • Added more "Labs" indicator icons to various surface and content element controls that are only used when "Labs" is enabled.


  • Fixed issue with "Tron" and "Iridescent edges" effects not looping properly.
  • Fixed an issue with playback occurring one or two frames ahead of where it should be, resulting in video content being a few frames ahead. This would result in published videos not starting at the beginning.
  • Fixed issue with various 'toggle' functions not un-toggling: design snapping, pixel grid, projection preview.
  • Fixed an issue that would crash the application if you were to close the application while scan images are being processed. This could occur if you were to load a project file that contains scan images and then quickly close the project or application.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented complete cleanup of all assets when closing a project. This would often result in an application crash when loading a project that contains text.
  • Modified the auto-update process to only check for application and firmware updates when the application starts. This corrects an issue with the application sometimes crashing while checking for an update when the application is inactive.


New Feature Roundup - April 7

Quickly learn about some of our latest and most useful features!


Released April 7, 2019

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with undoing the creation of a new effect causing an application crash.


Released April 5, 2019

Fixes and Improvements

  • General
    • Fixed issue with assets being removed too soon, sometimes causing an application crash.
    • Fixed an issue with some content for old projects not being properly processed, causing an application crash.
    • Added logic to suppress duplicate rendering log messages that sometimes occur too frequently. This fixes some lag issues experienced by some users.
  • User interface
    • On macOS, disabled the feature that required the application to be 'trusted' by the operating system in order to control the cursor position. This would result in macOS seemingly randomly displaying a message about Lightform Creator needing to be 'trusted'. This affects draggable controls, which normally would reset the mouse position in order to make the dragging easier.
    • Fixed issue with the layouts for surfaces and content elements generating many internal warnings, causing lag when removing objects.
  • Design page
    • If there is a context menu visible, it is now closed if the 'delete' key is pressed to remove objects.
    • Improved the text that is used for the undo action when creating a new content element for a surface. It now varies depending on whether the content was created or replaced.
  • Control page
    • The playback controls and OSC controls button now have a constant width. This makes them more visually appealing on a large screen.
    • Fixed some layout issues with live effect parameters. Live effects is a 'Labs' feature.
  • Assets
    • Fixed issue with the 'Chroma' effect not working correctly when published as a live effect. Live effects is a 'Labs' feature.
    • Fixed an issue with the internal asset tracking count being off by one when performing an undo, which would sometimes result in Lightform Creator prompting you to discard unsaved changes when closing a project, even if the project is empty.


Released April 1, 2019 (not an April Fools!)

New Features

  • Added "solid color" built-in effect. This is accessible in the effect browser.
  • Added a floating dialog for viewing keyboard shortcuts. This is accessible through the "Show Keyboard Shortcuts..." menu item in the "Labs" menu.

Labs Features

  • Added a 'content effect' feature
    • This feature is oriented around applying color operations on a surface (and all of its content elements) or individual content elements.
    • To use this feature, select a surface or content element, and press the + button in the upper right corner of the properties panel. A menu will appear in place, allowing you to create a content effect, which will be added to the properties panel. Currently the only content effect is 'solid color'.
    • The content effect's settings can then be modified. If modifying the settings for a surface, the surface must have one or more main effects in order for the content effect to be visible in the artboard. So, if you are using the 'color fill' content effect, it will only be visible if there are content elements. If you just want a single content element with a solid color, it would be better to use the 'solid color' built-in effect.
  • Added "Explore Temporary Directory..." menu item to the "Labs" menu.
    • When selected, this launches the native file browser on macOS and Windows, making it easy to explore the application's temporary directory.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with an auto-created text content element not appearing when activating the text tool on an empty artboard.
  • Fixed an issue after loading a project that sometimes resulted in surfaces not being selectable within the artboard.
  • Fixed an issue with the search text not being used in the media browser when in "Alphabetical" order.
  • All OSC parameter names are now nicely reformatted.
  • The slide index control is now visible.
  • Fixed an issue with asset cleanup sometimes causing an application crash at shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue with locked surfaces still being selectable in some situations when using the Move tool.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused scan image processing to crash the application.
  • Fixed an issue with some rendering resources not being released properly at shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue on macOS with firmware checks sometimes causing an application crash if Lightform Creator isn't the active application on the desktop.
  • Fixed issue running the installer on Windows as the result of starting the in-application update process. This issue sometimes presented itself as any of the following:
    • Missing built-in effects.
    • Application executable unchanged (it had the same version after update).


Released March 7, 2019

  • Fixed issue with slides list not being reorderable.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the surface left/top/width/height properties from being undone/redone fully.
  • Fixed very rare issue with the application user interface not being clickable, requiring an application restart.


Released February 28, 2019

New Features

  • Added a 'Submit Feedback' button in the help popover.
  • Numeric values in the properties panel can be modified by clicking and dragging on the label above the value. Previously the only way to drag a value was by clicking and dragging on the text field.
  • Added Lightform Creator tutorial links to the scan progress and firmware update pages, displayed while you wait for the operation to complete.
  • Added feature to duplicate surfaces. This is available through the 'Duplicate' menu item in the surface context menu. A duplicated surface is at the same position as the source surface, so you need to use the 'Move' tool to move it to a new position.
  • Added popup menu button next to the 'Media' search text box. The popup menu contains items to sort media in 'Alphabetical' order or by 'Group'.
  • Added a feature in 'Edit' mode to reset a surface's control points for a particular point. This is triggered by double-clicking a point on the surface.
  • Added left/right arrow navigation in slides bar.
  • Added crash detection and automatic submission of additional crash logs to the 'Submit Bug Report' dialog. This dialog will be presented when running the application again after a crash.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Added zoom levels up to 6400%.
  • Added pixel grid for zoom levels of 500% and higher.

Labs Features

  • Added 'Invert Mask' button to properties panel of surface. This is a 'Labs' feature.
  • Added x/y/width/height controls to the surface properties panel. This is a 'Labs' feature.
  • Added more controls for adding and removing paths from a surface. This is a 'Labs' feature.
  • Added 3 more effects: Ganzfeld, Sonar, Traffic Jam.
  • Added position, rotation, and scale properties to properties panel. These are 'Labs' features.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Modified the slide duplication to prevent duplicate "Copy of" prefixes appearing in the names for repeated duplicates.
  • Various improvements to overall layout with spacing, placement of controls, and other visual feedback.
  • Draggable numeric property controls now attempt to reset the cursor position to the original position to make it easier to drag larger values without hitting the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed typos in the 'Labs' enable/disable dialog box.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused an application crash when dragging the application window to a different monitor.
  • Fixed issue with publish being enabled even if there are no slides enabled for publishing.
  • Fixed a rare issue when saving a project that would prevent the intermediate project file from being written. This would result in an error message being displayed.
  • Fixed shutdown crashes with asset manager.
  • Fixed known issues with undo/redo when using text.
  • Fixed surface rendering being truncated by ~1 pixel at some zoom levels.



Released February 2, 2019

New Features

  • Slides can now transition instantly 
  • Slide fade transitions are now disabled by default, they can be optionally set to fade in, fade out, or both
  • Redesigned Stream drop down now allows full control of cursor, mask, and video preferences.
  • The Control page now has a brightness slider to control the brightness on the device.
  • A number of application events now generate 'toast' messages that appear temporarily, replacing modal dialogs from the previous releases.
  • Added a "What's New" button to the Welcome Page to make it easier to open these Release Notes
  • All built-in effects now seamlessly loop and can be controlled using the Loop Frequency slider
  • Added 'Set Slide Duration' button to properties panel, which sets the duration of the active slide to match the duration of video content

Labs Features

  • It is now more obvious when Labs is on. Look for the yellow beaker.
  • Removed a number of unusable menu items from the 'Labs' menu.
  • Added 'feathering' and 'offset' properties to the Surfaces properties panel.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Published projects don't produce a green flicker when looping.
  • Pixel-based/raster tools are much more stable.
  • Many other stability and performance improvements.
  • Improved various scrolling speeds when using the trackpad on Windows.
  • Updated the all project-related menu items in the 'File' menu to be enabled/disabled as appropriate.
  • The application now cleans up its temporary directory on shutdown.
  • Fixed issue with some asset data not being released when closing the active project.
  • Canceling any of the pixel-based input modes (paintbrush, magic wand, quick select) is now very fast. Previously there would be a noticeable pause if you were cancelling or closing the application after performing many operations in the canvas.
  • Fixed automatic formatting of effect parameter display names in the properties panel. Some names had incorrect capitalization.
  • When changing a scan image property that requires image calculations, these calculations are now performed in the background, making the user interface more responsive.
  • Fixed issue with draggable color control and 2D position control creating too many undo/redo actions.
  • Modified the behavior when selecting a non-existent recent file from the ’Recent Files’ menu, presenting an option to remove the file from the recent files list.
  • Modified behavior when selecting the current project’s location from the ‘Recent Files’. It now does nothing if the project has not been modified.
  • Control page UI styles are now unified when Labs is on.

Due to library compatibility, we have removed support for MacOS 10.11 (OS X El Capitan). MacOS 10.12 (macOS Sierra) is the latest version now officially supported by Lightform Creator.


Released January 14, 2019

  • Added 'Increment & Save Project' menu item to the 'File' menu
    • Saves the current project to an automatically named project file in the same directory as the previously saved location of the project
    • e.g., if the project was saved to a file named 'Project.lit', using 'Increment & Save Project' results in a file being saved to 'Project.1.lit', and then 'Project.2.lit', and so on
    • It also saves the current project if it has been changed. If the project has never been saved before, you will be prompted for a save location
    • Incremented project files do not appear in the recent files menu
  • Added 'Archive Project…' menu item to the 'File' menu. This feature saves the current project to the selected directory and copies all of the project’s assets to that new directory
    • The saved project file references the copied asset files (not the files in the current project), making it suitable for distribution or backup purposes
    • The saved project file is separate from the current project: it does not become the current project file and it does not appear in the recent files menu
  • Modified the project asset importing feature to instead directly reference the chosen assets, instead of copying them to the project directory, which was the behavior in previous releases. This makes it faster to bring your own video assets into your project, and makes it easier for you to modify your own image assets
  • Added toggle button in each slide to enable/disable the slide for publishing. This makes it possible to exclude some slides during publishing
  • Added tooltips for lock and visibility buttons in layers panel
  • Various improvements to curve fitting, improving performance of path calculations
  • Fixed pixel access issues associated with the magic wand tool. The selection is more reliable now
  • Download previous scan images is now out of Labs
  • New Labs Feature: Labs > Export Selected Surface Mask


Released January 4, 2019


  • Device name now shows above the canvas artboard
  • Fixed an issue that some effects exhibited when published
  • Fixed an issue that would cause projects to not save in certain scenarios
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements


Released December 14, 2018


  • Added 'Recent Project Files' submenu to 'File' menu
  • Added a support for hue/saturation control for effect parameters and modified the following built-in effects to use it:
    • Color Flood, Depth Trace, Ghost Flash, Hue Picker, Light House, Rainbow Edges, Tron
  • Improved surface grab handle behavior in the artboard
  • Updated checkbox style to look like a switch
  • Fixed surface snapping issues when the surface filled the entire artboard


Released December 09, 2018


  • Software updater fix


Released December 08, 2018


  • New Labs Feature: you can now apply blend modes to layers to create even more custom looks. Enable Labs under Help > Enable Labs
  • Many effects now have better transparency support
  • Fixed issues associated with project file loading. This change moves the application out of pre-release mode and into official release mode. As part of this change, old project files will no longer be supported. Such projects will cause an error message to be displayed. Going forward, the application will be backwards compatible with newly created project files.
  • Application settings are now automatically saved and loaded:
    • The application window being repositioned at startup.
    • The ‘last project directory’ used in the project open and save dialogs.
    • The ‘last asset directory’ used in the import media dialog.
  • Added minimum/maximum ranges in the properties panel UI for effect parameters. This applies to floating point values and 2D point values.
  • Fixed various issues associated with Asian-language file paths.

0.9.7 (Beta)

Released November 30, 2018


  • 17 new effects!
  • 13 built-in videos and 6 built-in image assets
  • New Media Browser UI and improved media import drag and drop UX
  • New Structure tool UI/UX. Double click with Structure tool to reveal mesh
  • Dozens of UI improvements
  • Better application dialogue windows
  • Control Page UI is now cleaner. Live Effect Parameters are always shown.
  • New Scan Property parameter to control Effect Edges
  • Scan Brightness is now used by the raster selection tools
  • Better and faster raster tools. Better conversion from raster to vector
  • Videos should no longer hiccup when published to the device
  • Better multi-line text control for Text tool

0.9.6 (Beta)

Released November 6, 2018


  • Fixed a bug causing firmware update to fail on some computers.
  • Pairing a device should no longer report success until the pairing is complete.
  • Media browser now includes folders
  • OSC learning and manual realignment from the control page have been optimized and should work as intended.
  • Published projects had some issues with video glitching/restarting. This should now be fixed.
  • Many UI/UX tweaks. 

0.9.5 (Beta)

Released October 22, 2018


  • New Installer
  • Help Popover
  • Undo/redo is now available
  • Improved device communications to help network performance
  • Video playback fixes and improvements
  • In mask streaming mode: only selected surfaces are streamed (or if no selection, all are streamed)
  • Various raster tool improvements
  • Can specify the opacity of stroke and fill of a surface mask/geometry
  • General stability and rendering optimizations

0.9.4 (Beta)

Released October 08, 2018


  • New in-app firmware update workflow which will make firmware updating more robust
  • Right click menu in the canvas to reveal contextual functions
  • Scan Brightness can now be adjusted after a scan in the scan properties
  • New Structure tool functionality 
  • Device pairing is now more robust and handles more edge cases
  • Increased character spacing of all caps letters for improved legibility
  • Publishing optimizations
  • Double-clicking on a surface will change selection to the first child content element of the surface
  • UI's of selected surfaces now drawn on top of all others for better picking/editing when surfaces overlap in Edit and Structure tools

0.9.3 (Alpha)

Released September 13, 2018


  • Live Effects with adjustable live effect parameters and editable OSC mappings in the Control Page. Note: you can only have ONE Live Effect per slide
  • Play/pause/stop capabilities
  • Modal dialog before closing project to prevent from inadvertently losing changes
  • Delete Surfaces works (see Known Issues for deleting layers)
  • Slides V1
  • Render content to video V1
  • Master Surfaces
  • Entirely new Control Page (UI redesign coming soon): Next/Previous slide, Post-Publish Mesh Warp, Editable OSC Mappings, Live effect controls
  • Built in App and Device Bug reporting. Help > Submit Bug Report
  • New wifi-pairing workflow with UI, UX and networking improvements
  • Publishing with Effects playback [speed+quality] behaves properly/as expected
  • Timeline Synchronization between effects and videos
  • Effects Panel work on Windows
  • Pen Tool is improved
  • More intuitive Scan Properties — Scan Properties + New Scan exist on the properties panel
  • Can open projects with effects from the Design Page (see Known Issues for opening from the Welcome Page)
  • Better formatting on most Windows machines
  • Current device is displayed with Scans (more improvements coming soon)
  • Half a dozen new icons in the layers panel & toolbar
  • Better input and keyboard shortcut handling
  • Rewrote many data types to support the concept of master surfaces existing on all slides

0.9.1 (Alpha)

Released June 18, 2018


  • New Device Test Card
  • Added ESC/RETURN/UP/DOWN key functionality for the scan workflow
  • Last used device now automatically selected in device list
  • Double-clicking device in DeviceListView now selects the device and advances the scan workflow
  • Allow variable video stream resolutions ("fast", "med", "high" quality)
  • Magic wand and Quick select support color and depth
  • Improved keyboard shortcut robustness
  • Quick select & magic wand improvements
  • Fixed issue with properties sometimes not being saved/loaded correctly
  • Fixed occasional crash when closing a project (or closing the application)
  • Fixed an issue with points not being selectable when loading a previously saved project
  • Properties panel elements that take keyboard focus now release it when editing is done
  • Color picker is now modal so it cannot be obscured by the application
  • Fix issue in scan workflow where old camera images would load on new scans
  • Better cursor behavior when switching back to Lightform from another application
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