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Available for Windows and Mac to control and create content for Lightform devices.

Lightform Creator Version 1.9.12

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Release Notes  |  Known Issues

Don't have a Lightform device? 

We recommend waiting until you have a Lightform device to download and explore Lightform Creator. If you are eager to poke around, you can download the Lightform Creator software to get a sense of the UI and try some of the editing tools (the pen tool, ellipse, rectangle). However, until you have a Lightform device to do a scan, you will not be able to use the scan's image and depth data to apply masks using our intelligent editing tools (magic wand or quick select) or publish any content. 

Don't want to wait to practice with your first scan? Download this sample project to get a sense of how it all works. 

 Known Issues

  1. [LFC]
    1. Camera not connected -- If you are noticing that your camera is not working or not connecting, please plug the camera directly into your computer and update it to the latest driver from here Once you confirm the camera is working and you see a video stream, plug the camera back into your LFC and try scanning again.
  2. [LF2] 
    1. Scan time -- Scan times for LF2 may take longer than the LF1 or LFC. Please do not cancel the scan if it is taking longer -- it is doing it's job and future updates will make the scan process much faster.
    2. Effects not publishing -- If you have projects with a live effect + video/text, the non-live portion may not appear once you've published your project. We are working on a fix for this. 
    3. Looping slides -- You may notice a slight delay when looping slides. We are working on a fix for this. 
    4. Pairing to a network with special characters -- Pairing to a Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi network that includes special characters in the name of the network (apostrophe, dash, etc.), may fail to connect. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, please use an alternative pairing method (like ethernet or sharing the internet connection from your computer) or change the SSID/network name to exclude special characters and try again. 
    5. LF2 no longer appearing in network list -- If you've paired your LF2 and no longer see your device in Lightform Creator, please wait 5-10 minutes with Creator open or use an ethernet connection -- this will make your device appear again. Once it appears, please update your firmware to fix this issue. 
  3. The depth/disparity from scans has been reported to not work with various scenes and/or projectors. We are actively investigating this, and in the meantime, if you encounter this issue please try using some of our Disparity Tips.
  4. If you run into an error scanning or pairing like the two listed below, we recommend first restarting your device and Lightform creator. This should fix most of these issues:
    1. We have noticed that sometimes the LFC camera feed may be disconnected or not appear right away because of a BRIO driver issue. If you are noticing this, please plug the camera directly into your computer and update it to the latest driver from here Once you confirm the camera is working and you see a video stream, plug the camera back into your LFC and try scanning again. If you still notice this issue, please submit a ticket to our support team. 
    2. Some users have reported that upon scanning, the scan dialog hangs on the "scan initializing" message and the scan does not complete. This may be due to the driver issue above. Please follow the instructions to determine if your camera's driver needs to be updated and try again.
  5. When performing CPU intensive operations on certain machines, it may take 5-10 seconds to see the results presented on the canvas. This will be addressed in a future release. Such CPU intensive operations include quick select and the initial loading and processing of a project that has scan images. (Updated: Tuesday, January 14th)
  6. Support for undoing/strokes with quick select has been disabled due to its high memory consumption. This will be restored in a near-future release.
  7. It is recommended to save often :)
  8. On macOS 10.15, after auto-updating within the application, Lightform Creator might not restart. If this happens, just launch Lightform Creator again and the update should be applied successfully.
  9. We have seen a few instances of the following machines exhibiting speckles that appear when adding media or an effect to a surface in Lightform Creator. This issue does not affect published projects. If you experience this issue, please submit a bug report.
    • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, 2015)
    • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
    • MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2014)
    • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2013)
  10. If you cannot update your firmware, please submit a bug report, and our support team will reach out to assist you.
  11. If you are experiencing regular crashes in the software, please submit a ticket or bug report so we can work together on a fix. 


Before you begin

  1. By downloading Lightform Creator, you accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  2. Review the full computer and projector requirements
  3. Get started


Lightform Creator is not a standalone application and is for use exclusively with Lightform devices produced and sold by Lightform.

About Lightform Creator

Lightform Creator makes it easy for anyone to create epic visuals using smart tools powered by computer vision. Leveraging the Lightform device's Smart Scan and Depth Estimate technology, Lightform Creator enables faster and more powerful content creation for projected AR. 

Read more about Lightform Creator.



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