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The Interface



  • Andrew Hunt

    How does scrolling left-right in Design view work on a PC? After zooming in, I can scroll up/down only using my mouse wheel. Left-right, up-down keys on keyboard don't work at all.

  • Ehsan at Lightform

    Hey Andrew, there are 4 ways to pan around the canvas. My favorite way is to use two fingers on a trackpad so you can seamlessly pinch to zoom and move around all at the same time. 

    Using a mouse, as you discovered, you can scroll up and down. If you hold shift while you scroll, the canvas will pan left/right instead of up/down. 

    The 4th option is to hold down the spacebar and then move your mouse around freely. 

    See more of the keyboard shortcuts here:

  • Andrew Hunt

    Thanks Ehsan


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