Scan Properties

Scan Properties can be found in the Properties Panel on the Design Page. Here you can export your scans, toggle between color and disparity, or adjust the opacity, brightness, and hole filling values.

Disparity Toggle Switch from the RGB image and the disparity map
Opacity Slider

Adjust the opacity of the scan

0% = fully transparent, 100% = fully opaque

Brightness Slider

Adjust the brightness of the scan

0% is the scan taken with your projector brightness off, 100% is the scan taken with your projector brightness at its maximum brightness

Hole Fill Slider

Adjust the amount of hole filling

Sometimes parts of your scene will have occlusions (parts of the scene that can only be seen by the camera OR the projector, but not both). Lightform Creator attempts to fill in these occluded parts by hole filling. As you adjust the slider, you'll be able to determine the right amount of hole filling needed. Lowering the slider will increase the number of holes but make the scan more accurate

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