Control Page

The Control Page allows you to select an available Lightform device, provides device information, and if a project has been published to your device, this is where you would go to control the project.

  1. Change Device
  2. Device Information
  3. Project Control

Change Device

To select a Lightform device to use with Creator, click the Change Device button on the Control page.


If there are local and/or cloud Lightform devices that have been paired before and are available, they will show up on this page. If you are trying to pair a device, you can also start that process from this page by clicking the Pair Device to Wi-Fi Network link.


Device Information


Device Information

See relevant information about the Lightform device:

  • Device status (connected, pairing mode, offline)
  • Resolution
  • Firmware version
  • IP address
  • Lens type
  • Serial Number
  • Part number
  • Manufacture date
  • Camera Stream
Show Camera Stream

Turn the device's camera stream on or off

Test Card On/Off

Turn the test card on or off

Projector On/Off*

Turn your projector on and off (LF2 only)


Adjust the focus of your projector (LF2 only)

Projection Mode

Choose the orientation of the projection (LF2 only)

Firmware Update*

You can check if a firmware update is available and update the firmware if so

Enter Pairing Mode

Forces the device into Pairing Mode

Restart Device

If you are encountering any issues with your device, you can restart it by clicking the Restart Device button.

Streaming Source NDI*

Select an NDI source to output from your Lightform device (LFC only)

Available Projector Resolutions

The Lightform device automatically detects which resolutions are compatible with your projector and will list the available resolutions. To select a resolution, right-click on it and select Set Resolution

Manage Wi-Fi Networks

You can view, add, and modify the Lightform device's known networks and view the networks visible to the device.

Learn more about removing saved networks

* Labs needs to be enabled

Project Control

The main view has controls for a project that is published to your selected device.

Project Playback

4_controlPage_1x.pngPlay/stop a project and advance slides



This tab shows a list of published slides and has a blue border around the slide that is currently playing. You can click on another slide to switch to it.

Live Effects & OSC Mappings


When you publish your project, any Live Effects (Labs feature) from your project run in real-time on the Lightform device. These Live Effects have adjustable parameters which means that the effects will change in real-time as you edit the parameters.

Also on the Control Page are editable OSC mappings. Click the OSC tab to map controls to OSC.

From there, if you press the Learn button, the Lightform device will accept the next incoming OSC message and that message will be used to control the function.

If you'd like to trigger particular slides, set the mappings for "next slide" and "previous slide," as well as "slide index," where you can send the slide index number directly. For instance, 0.0 = first slide, 1.0 =second slide, and so on.

Audio Reactivity


Audio Reactivity can be enabled for projects published to an LF2+, LF2, or LFC device. More information about how it works can be found on the Audio Reactivity Overview and Audio Reactivity Settings pages.

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