Control Page

The Control Page lets you check on and control your LF1. If you have a project already running on your device, this is where you would come to control the project.

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  1. Device Control
  2. Project Control

Device Control

On the left of the Control Page is information about your LF1. You can change the device to any other device that is on the same network as your computer. When you change devices in the Control Page, the device in the Design Page isn't altered. So, you can also control a different LF1 than the LF1 you scanned with.

Device Information

See relevant information about the LF1

View the LF1's camera stream, turn the test pattern on and off, and turn your projector on and off

Firmware Update

You can check if a firmware update is available and update the firmware if so

Restart Device

If you are encountering any issues with the LF1, you can restart it here

Available Projector Resolutions

The LF1 automatically detects which resolutions are compatible with your projector and will list the available resolutions

Manage Wi-Fi Networks

You can view, add, and modify the LF1's known networks and view the networks visible to the LF1

Learn more about removing saved networks

Project Control

In the main view are controls for a project that is published to your selected device.

Project Playback

Play/stop a project and advance slides

Live Effects & OSC Mappings

When you publish your project, any Live Effects (Labs feature) from your project run in real-time on the LF1. These Live Effects have adjustable parameters in the right side of the Control Page. This means that the effects will change in real-time as you edit the parameters. Also in the Control Page are editable OSC mappings. Click the Edit OSC Mappings button to map controls to OSC. If you press the Learn button, the LF1 will accept the next incoming OSC message and that will be used to control the function.


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