Keyboard Shortcuts

Lightform Creator provides the following keyboard shortcuts to help you get work done faster.

Design Page Shortcuts


ESC Escape out of the current state
⌘/CTRL+0 Zoom to actual size
⌘/CTRL+9 Fit to screen
⌘/CTRL+Scroll Zoom In/Out
⌘/CTRL+\ Hide UI
⌘/CTRL+Z Undo
⌘/CTRL+Shift+Z Redo
Spacebar+Click+Drag Pan
Middle Mouse Wheel Scroll Pan vertically
Shift+Middle Mouse Wheel Scroll Pan horizontally


⌘/CTRL+\ Hide/show UI
P Pen Tool
W Magic Wand Tool
Q Quick Select Tool
B Brush Tool
R Rectangle Tool
E Ellipse Tool
V Edit Mode
M Move Mode
S Structure Mode
Shift+S Toggle Stream
⌘/CTRL+L Show the Stock Video Panel
⌘/CTRL+E Show the Effects Panel
⌘/CTRL+M Show the Imported Media Panel

Camera Feed + Project Playback

⌘/CTRL+Shift+C Toggle LF1 Camera Feed
⌘/CTRL+Shift+P Play the last published project
⌘/CTRL+Shift+S Stop playing published project

Save/Open/New Project

⌘/CTRL+S Save a project
⌘/CTRL+O Open a project from your file directory
⌘/CTRL+N Start a new project

Mode Specific Shortcuts

Edit Tool

⌘/CTRL+Drag on Point Bend Tool - Create/adjust curve
⌘/CTRL+Drag on Path Bend Tool - Create/adjust curve
⌘/CTRL+Shift+Click on Path Add New Point
ALT+Click+Drag on Point Create one control point if none exist
ALT+Click+Drag on Point Create other control point if one already exists
ALT+Click+Drag on Point Recreate nearest control point if both already exist
Shift+Select on Point Toggle point's inclusion in the select points set
CTRL+on Point Enable/Disable Artboard snapping

Move Tool

CTRL+Drag Constrain rotate
CTRL+Drag on Corner Point Constrain resize
Shift+Select Add surfaces to the selection set

Raster Tools

Holding ALT key for Magic Wand, Quick Select, and Brush Switches between add and subtract
[ and ] Decrease/increase brush size

Structure Tool

CTRL+Drag on Corner Pin Point Rotate
Shift+Select on Point Include structure mesh point in selection
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