Slides provide the ability to build a narrative into your projected AR experience.

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Think of slides as separate compositions, which let you have different content on different slides. While your surfaces persist across slides to help you model the real world, your content can vary per slide — the same surface can have different content (effects, videos, or imported media) on different slides.

If you edit a surface's mask or structure on any slide, the edits apply to all other slides. Adding, removing, or editing the content of a surface only applies those changes to the current slide. This makes it easier to iteratively create content to match your scene.

Editing Slides

Creating & Deleting Slides

Click the + button next to the first slide on the slide bar to create a new slide. Right-click on a slide to delete it. Double-click on a slide name to change the name. 


You can't have two slides with the same names.

Duplicating Slides

Right-click on a slide to duplicate it. All the surfaces and content from that slide will copy over to the new slide. Reorder slides by dragging and dropping the slide forward or backward into another position.

Slide Duration and Loop

Slide properties appear on the Properties Panel. Click on a slide to see its individual properties: duration and loop. You can adjust the duration of a slide. By default it is set to 10 seconds. Click the Loop button if you want the slide to continuously loop. If loop is enabled, you can only advance to the next slide by triggering the next slide through the Control Page or OSC.

Once your project is published, the slides will playback with the given duration and loop properties.


Publishing Slides

Right-click on a slide and select Publish to publish that slide only. This is useful if you want to see just one slide published, and don't want to publish the entire project. 

Slide Playback

Once your project is published, you can see what slide is currently playing and go to the next or previous slide in the Control Page.


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    Jimmy Gillies Gillies

    Hi, can you please advise,? How can you get the slides to transition smoothly from one to the next .., I cannot see any options for slide transitions, there is a delay when one slide transitions to another  


    much appreciated 


  • Comment actions Permalink
    Brittany Factura

    Hi Jimmy,

    Adding options for slide transitions is on our roadmap. Most immediately, we're currently working on instant slide transitions. Thanks for your patience!

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Marc Syp

    Glad to see that slide control is available via OSC.  Is it possible to jump to a slide index via OSC?  The ultimate goal is to have a menu of content that can be selected via a mobile interface, which would trigger a specific slide based on user selection.





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    Brittany Factura

    Hey Marc!

    Welcome to the Lightform community!

    Currently that's not possible, but we are definitely considering adding additional triggers to slides to our roadmap. 

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Patrick Romanello

    Is there a plan to add a lightform app that can be controlled from android or apple?

  • Comment actions Permalink
    chris popovec

    Good Morning,


    Is there a source of examples of how lightform can be used in retail ?

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Kennedy Brown

    Hi team Lightform,

    Is there any further updates on instant slide transitions or transition options? I just bought LF2 Summer of 2020 and I'm still experiencing pretty wicked delays from slide to slide.