Disparity Tips

Using visible structured light, we extract disparity information from your scene. Below we'll cover the expected results for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D scenes.

Disparity will work best on 3D scenes, but might not work well on scenes that are too flat. In the following example images, disparity won't work well on the 2D scenes but will work better on 2.5D scenes depending on the difference in extrusion and disparity between objects.

2D Scenes 

The following scenes will not produce disparity data. 


2.5D Scenes

The following scenes are examples of 2.5D scenes that may or may not produce disparity. Don’t worry, the color scan image will still work in these cases.



3D Scenes

The following scenes will produce good disparity data.


There are a few things that you can try to achieve better disparity results:

  • Move your projector/LF1 closer to the scene
  • Increase the distance between your projector and your LF1 (this may require a different mounting technique)
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