Lightform Creator can stream your masks, content, and cursor position, that you create on the artboard to the Lightform device.


Using Preview provides immediate feedback through a live stream on your scene in response to actions made within Lightform Creator. Lightform Creator will stream the following to your Lightform device in order to preview these projected onto your scene in real-time:

  • Masks: Lightform Creator streams masks as precise vectorized objects and streams any real-time updates to them (i.e.,mask edits & moves)
  • Content: Lightform Creator streams your content (images, videos, effects, text) to the Lightform device.
  • Cursor Position: Lightform Creator streams your cursor position on the artboard as a full-screen crosshair at the correlated position on your real-world scene.


You can stream your content, cursor positions, and masks to the Lightform device. Locate the Preview button in the Toolbar. Press the down arrow button next to it in order to select properties. Press the Preview button to start streaming.


Preview Preferences

When you click the down arrow next to the Preview button, you can adjust preferences. Read more about Preview Preferences here.



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