Bug Reporting & Feedback

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Reporting Bugs

We encourage you to submit any bugs or issues you encounter. You can directly submit a bug report in Lightform Creator. This will automatically submit log files from Lightform Creator and the Lightform device. 

To submit a bug report directly in Lightform Creator:

  1. Click the Submit Bug Report option in the Help menu of Lightform Creator (accessible from the top menu or the lower right)
  2. Enter your Email Address so we can follow-up with you, a meaningful title (e.g "Creator crashes while publishing my project") and a description of the issue.

    Useful descriptions of the issue include: 

    • What you were doing when the issue occurred
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • Attachments: screenshots, videos, project files can be really useful to reproduce and troubleshoot the issue faster
  3. Click the Submit button





Contact Us

If you have any trouble, get blocked, or need one-on-one assistance troubleshooting during any part of the process, please submit a request.

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    Rick Melhorn

    Is this / could it be made possible? Due to my laptop crashing last week (thank you Microsoft forced update) I could only use 1 slide on our LF2 Sunday. Would be awesome if there was a version of the software that could be put on an iPad and would allow you to call up saved files that you put on OneDrive or similar and publish to the unit. Also would allow you to control the unit for changing slides.

    Thanks, Rick