WiFi Pairing Workflow

Connect to your Lightform device using the pairing process in Lightform Creator.


Anytime you take your Lightform device to a new location, you'll want to make sure it is connected to the same network as your computer. There are various networking options available. You can try any of these additional networking options to find the one that works best for your setup. In this article, we'll cover how to pair the LF1 to a local WiFi network.

Supported WiFi networks

The LF1 can only connect to 2.4GHz, WPA/WPA2 Personal networks.

Make sure your router is configured with these settings. Specifically, the LF1 does not support 5GHz networks, and currently the LF1’s firmware is not capable of connecting to other networks types such as Unsecured, Captive Portal, WEP, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise/802.1x. In these scenarios, a wired Ethernet connection is suggested.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Ensure that the LF1 is connected to power (e.g., outlet).
  2. Wait for the LED on the LF1 to turn cyan, which indicates that the LF1 is ready to pair. If the LED on the LF1 doesn't turn to cyan, press the Pairing Button on the back of your LF1 to enter pairing mode. 
  3. Follow the Lightform Creator Pairing Process.

Pairing Workflow

Upon first startup, the LF1 should automatically be in pairing mode. To directly enable pairing mode at any other time, press the Pairing Button on the LF1.


The LED on the LF1 will be cyan to indicate that the LF1 is ready to pair (either solid cyan if the LF1 is connected to HDMI or blinking cyan if not connected to HDMI). If Lightform Creator is not detecting HDMI, make sure your projector is on and not in standby mode.



To pair the LF1 to a WiFi network:

Step 1 Start the Pair Device Workflow

Open Lightform Creator and click the Pair Device  text that is visible when the application starts up — you will be directed to the Pairing Device view.

Step 2 Connect to the Lightform's Network

Change your computer's WiFi network to the LF1's network (i.e., Lightform Jumbo Turkey) and enter the password "lightform". If you do not see your LF1's network, check that your LF1's LED is cyan and, if not, press the pairing buttonOnce you are connected to the LF1’s WiFi network, return to Lightform Creator.

Step 3 Select Preferred Network

A list of nearby WiFi networks will appear. Select which network you would like to pair the LF1 to and enter the password of the network. If you do not see your preferred WiFi network listed, refresh the list by pressing the pairing button.

If refreshing causes you to be kicked off the LF1's network, rejoin the LF1's network (Step #2)

Step 4 Re-connect your computer to your local WiFi network

  1. The LF1 will attempt to pair to the network for up to 1 minute.
  2. After 1 minute, Lightform Creator will either indicate a successful pairing or provide troubleshooting information (see Troubleshooting below).

Immediately after pairing, Lightform Creator may prompt you to update the LF1’s firmware.  


Make sure that you've read through our supported WiFi networks and that your network meets the WiFi requirements.

LF1 will attempt to pair to a WiFi network for up to 1 minute. After 1 minute, troubleshooting information will appear. You must cancel out of this and start the pairing process over. 



If you are using Windows and no LF1 devices are discoverable on the network, Windows Defender may be interfering.

Forgetting a Paired Network

Once you pair the LF1 to a WiFi network, the LF1 will remember the network and automatically join the network when in range. If you do not want the LF1 to rejoin a saved network, you can remove the network from the LF1's saved networks list.

To forget a paired network:

  1. Navigate to the Control Page. Your device’s properties are displayed here.
  2. Enable "Labs" features by checking "Enable Labs" in the Help menu.
  3. Find the Saved networks property box, where you will be able to remove any saved networks from the LF1.
  4. Right-click on the network you would like to forget. Click the Remove network '[network name]' option. The LF1 will forget about the network and you will have to re-pair your device to that network.
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