Publish Troubleshooting

Having trouble publishing your project? See if your issue is covered in our troubleshooting tips!

  1. Publish Button is Disabled
  2. Project Size Limitation
  3. Publish Errors

Publish Button is Disabled

There could be two reasons why the Publish button is disabled:

  • No scan has been taken. You need to take a scan in order to publish your project. Click New Scan to take a scan.
  • No device has been selected. Select a Lightform device by clicking the New Scan button, selecting a device in the dropdown, clicking Continue, and clicking Cancel.


Project Size Limitation

Currently, we recommend that projects are a maximum length of 60 minutes on the LFC Kit and 20 minutes on the LF2. To verify that this the issue you are experiencing, create a new project with just one slide and try to publish it.

Publish Errors

The following errors are due to a bad Wi-Fi connection. The best solution is to use Ethernet. If you are having trouble getting connected, please try our step-by-step pairing wizard



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