Publishing Workflow

Lightform’s wireless control capabilities allow you to create and publish content via network connection over WiFi or Ethernet.


Publishing from Lightform Creator

When you are ready to publish your project to the LF1, press the Publish button in the top right corner of Lightform Creator. Lightform Creator will wirelessly upload your project to the LF1. Publishing your project involves both rendering your project content to video and uploading your project to the LF1. This is comparable to rendering out videos in video editing software. If your project only contains live effects, then rendering is trivial and won't take long. The more complex the project is, the longer the render and upload time. Projects with more and/or longer slides and with more content increase render and upload times. 

Note: Publishing does not save your project, it simply publishes the content to your LF1. Please make sure to save your project if you anticipate needing to alternate between projects.

Interactivity through OSC

LF1 supports controlling the LF1 via mobile, sound synthesizers and other multimedia devices through OSC. This allows you to interact with and modify dynamic instant effects even after a project has been published.

Learn more about Editing OSC Mappings from Lightform Creator and Using TouchOSC

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