Firmware Update Workflow

Firmware is the operating system and programs that run on your LF1. It has a host of features that allow it to talk to Lightform Creator, take scans, and do other cool stuff.

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Workflow Overview 

Every once in a while you will need to update the LF1 firmware to get new features. Most importantly, you must update the firmware after unboxing the LF1 and before using it for the first time.

To update the LF1 firmware:

  1. Power on the LF1 
  2. Connect the LF1 to the same network as your computer over WiFi (requires pairing) or ethernet (Recommended)
  3. Open Lightform Creator
  4. Click the Control Device button — you will be directed to the Control Page
  5. Click the Change Device button in the top left corner
  6. Select the LF1
  7. If a firmware update is available, Lightform Creator will prompt you with a firmware update workflow. (Note: the update can take up to 25 minutes, please do not unplug your device during the process)


In order to update the LF1’s firmware, your computer must have access to the internet.


If you are using Windows and no LF1 devices are discoverable on the network, Windows Defender may be interfering  

Checking the Firmware Version 

To check the LF1's firmware version:

  1. Open Lightform Creator
  2. Click the Control Device button — you will be directed to the Control Page
  3. Click the Change Device button in the top left corner
  4. Select the LF1
  5. Look for the label Firmware Version


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