Firmware Update Workflow

Firmware is the operating system and program that runs on your Lightform device. It has a host of features that allow your device to talk to Lightform Creator, take scans, and do other cool stuff.

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Workflow Overview 

Every once in a while, you will need to update the device firmware to get new features. You'll know your firmware needs to be updated if you are prompted to update your device either when you initially turn it on, or when you go to take a new scan. 

As of January 19th, the current firmware versions are as follows: 

  • LF1 - 2.7.0
  • LF2 / LF2+  - 0.10.6
  • LFC - 1.10.6

Keep in mind -

  • To update the Lightform device firmware, both your computer and Lightform device must have access to the internet. We recommend doing this process on a stable, secure network, and not on-site at an installation. 


You may not be prompted to update your firmware if it has been a while since you purchased your device. If you received your device a long time ago, and are just getting set up, please contact our support team to help. 


Always make sure your device and computer are on the same network and that your device is showing "online" on the control page before updating the firmware.



To update the Lightform device firmware:

    1. Power on the device 
    2. Connect the device to the same network as your computer over Wi-Fi (requires pairing) or ethernet (Recommended). You can also share your internet connection with your computer. 
    3. Open Lightform Creator
    4. Click the Control Device button — this will direct you to the Control Page
    5. Click the Change Device button in the top left corner
    6. Select the device by name
    7. Generally, if a firmware update is available, Lightform Creator will prompt you with a firmware update workflow. (Note: the update can take up to 25 minutes, please do not unplug your device during the process)

To see a video of the firmware update process in action, see below:


If you are using Windows and do not see any discoverable devices on the network, Windows Defender may be interfering  

Checking the Firmware Version 

To check the device's firmware version:

  1. Open Lightform Creator
  2. Click the Control Device button — this will take you to the Control Page
  3. Click the Change Device button in the top left corner
  4. Select the device by name
  5. Look for the label Firmware Version


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    Xu Bing

    Firmware update  failed, progress bar is unresponsive

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    Xu Bing

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Xu Bing

    the device could not comtact the update servers. please verify that the device is connected to the internet

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    Le Luo

    Hey bro, I got same problem as u met. How did u solve it, many thanks

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    Christian James

    Hello ,

    the device could not contact the update servers. please verify that the device is connected to the internet. Can someone assist me on this.


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    solotiana debion

    Salut ,

    l'appareil n'a pas pu contacter les serveurs de mise à jour. Veuillez vérifier que l'appareil est connecté à Internet. 

    Même problème

    Quelqu'un, peut-il m'aider à ce sujet svp ?


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    Same issue on my side / meme probleme de mon cote....

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    Michael Fergus

    So Lightform is telling me that the device needs to update the firmware, and it tells me to hit continue to update, but continue isn't highlighted, and I can't click it, then it goes offline, even thought the test card is green and connected to the same network as my laptop.